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02. Managed Contract Support

Overwhelmed by High Volumes of Day-to-Day Contracts? 

We handle high volumes of day-to-day commercial contracts, letting you focus on more strategic work

Temple Law leverages technology (including AI), client-specific playbooks and extensive knowledge and experience to support your day-to-day commercial contracts, including sales, procurement, NDAs, supply of goods and services, licenses and more - allowing your business to deliver better results and your legal team to focus on the most valuable work. We can support the entire contracting process, from intake and triage through drafting, negotiating, approvals and signing.

The paper, which ranges in value from thousands to millions of dollars, is primarily customer-business contracts, leases, vendor agreements and a host of other documents that require the legal department’s review. The sheer volume makes reviewing all of the contracts impossible, and sending the contracts to outside counsel is not financially practical. Temple Law is:

  • Fast: we turn around most contracts within a business day

  • Consistent and Reliable: we get to know your business and develop client-specific playbooks and processes, to deliver consistent advice, redlines and negotiation results

  • Cost-Effective: we handle the high-volume routine work so that your in-house attorneys can focus on being the client's true business advisor

  • Continuously Improving: we work hard to learn about your business and preferences, and ultimately improve our delivery times and quality  

Desperate office worker overwhelmed with paperwork, she is asking help with her hand.
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