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 Founded in 2016

The words Our Mission typed on a vintage typewriter

Our firm is committed to helping businesses, big and small, navigate both routine and complex legal issues, while serving and advancing the interests of our community. Our team finds fulfillment in helping our clients achieve important - and often impressively ambitious - goals. We amplify our client-centric focus with our love of technology and our very un-lawyer-like bend towards kindness, integrity and humility. Using our deep and sophisticated knowledge and experience, we work tirelessly to deliver on client objectives in a cost-effective, quality-consistent and expeditious manner -- all with kindness, integrity, and humility.

Headshot of Lisa Temple from the chest up in a top and blazer, smiling.

Lisa Temple

Founder, Partner, Managing Member

Headshot of Krista Fagan from the chest up in a sweater, smiling.

Krista Fagan

Senior Associate

Headshot of Vernessa Poole from the chest up in a red and white top, smiling.

Vernessa Poole

Counsel; Business Development & Operations

Headshot of Sandra Williams from the chest up in a black top, smiling.

Sandra Williams

Senior Paralegal

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